Friday, November 17, 2006

IC-2720H - 2 Meter / 70 cm Dual Bander

New, advanced 2 M/70 cm mobile dual bander. Click on the small image to get a large picture of the IC-2720H.
Dimensions (Control Head): 5.5 (W), 2 (H), 1.1 (D) in, 5.29 oz
Dimensions (Main Unit): 5.5 (W), 1.6 (H), 7.375 (D), 3.08 lb
50 Watts (2M), 35 Watts (70 cm), 15 W, 5 W selectable
Rx: 118 - 550 MHz (left side), 118 - 174, 375 - 550, 810 - 999 (cellular blocked) MHz (right side, guaranteed on ham bands only)
Download the IC-2720H PDF brochure.
Display Features
Wide viewing angle for mobile flexibility
User-adjustable brightness controls
User-selectable amber or green colored display
Separate Control Head
Connection cable included
2 Microphone jacks - one on control head, one on main unit
Control head mounting bracket included
Independent Tuning Knobs
Tuning, AF, squelch and 4 function switches per band
Large controls for easier operation
V/V, U/U, V/U, U/V (Work dual or cross band)
Other Great Features
1200/9600 bps 6-pin Packet Terminal
212 Memory Channels which includes 2 Call Channels and 10 Scan Edges
Icom's Dynamic Memory Scan (DMS)
Organize your most often used frequencies into any of the IC-2720H's 10 memory banks
Plan trips by pre-loading frequencies into banks. Change banks as you travel along.
An Icom Exclusive
Extra Wideband Reception (see above) Includes Weather and Air Bands
CTCSS and DTCS Encode/Decode Operation with Tone Scan and Pocket Beep
50 CTCSS, 104 x 2 DTCS
Gets you on the Repeater, Fast
DTMF Encode
Full Function, Backlit Mic with Icom's Exclusive Hot Keys (Great for your most used settings)
10dB Attenuator
Auto Repeater (USA only)
Weather Alert (USA only)
Large Cooling Fan with Adjustable Speed and Flow-Thru Chassis Ventilation
Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis
PC Programmable Optional. CS-2720H software and OPC-478 cable required
More detailed IC-2720H specifications and options. (PDF)

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